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SM Bacolod and Central Citywalk



SM Bacolod is just like any other SM Mall with most establishments enclosed in one building with central AC. We went here to look for pasalubongs to take home. We didn’t find any so we went to visit another place before going to Central Citywalk.

Central Citywalk is owned by Robinsons. This place I like. It has an esplanade and a walkway with a fountain in the middle.



Mambukal Resort



Mambukal resort is a 35 minute drive to the town of Murcia from the city center of Bacolod. It has a number of activities families can enjoy including hiking, swimming, wall climbing, bat watching, etc. There are even accommodations available should you decide to stay for more than a day. The General Entrance fee to the park is 50 pesos for adults and 20 pesos for kids. There are fees for vehicles as well listed here. You pay separately for any other activity you would like to experience.



Bacolod City Government Center



The Bacolod City Government Center is composed of the building with a facade of neo-classical Renaissance columns and windows according to their website. It also had the fountain and esplanade.



Kau Kau Hawaiian Grill



We were invited by this wonderful family to dinner at this restaurant. Since they live close by, they reserved a function room where we ate. The restaurant itself actually is an open concept with airy interiors. The function room however has AC which was really nice specially on a hot summer night.



Lopez Jaena, Bacolod

Lopez Jaena is a very small town in Bacolod. There were hardly any fast food chains. We only passed by a few stores in their main town and also a few well known oil companies and sugar mills with gated areas along the way. The area is so pretty though – unspoiled hills and vast greenery.





The Ruins of Bacolod

The ruins in Bacolod is probably the most known landmark. It’s actually within city limits and it’s quite close if you’re coming from the city center. It’s located within a subdivision. Operating hours are from 8am to 8pm.





Bacolod Food – Aleah’s Tulahan

On our first night, our hosts took us to the old PalaPala where you could buy fresh sea food at the market and go into one of the restaurants and have them cook your food.





Bacolod Itinerary

Bacolod Itinerary

I would have never thought I would go to Bacolod. It was just not in my immediate travel plans. This trip was kind of accidental since my friend and her family were gonna pick up her good looking brother. Haha. We just actually tagged along which was surprisingly fun. I didn’t expect that. Of course, we wanted to see other things but we were limited to places that we can only go to which turned out to be enjoyable. It was just a different kind of experience. See, sometimes it’s nice to just go with the flow of things.



The Circle Inn Hotel and Suites in Bacolod

After the fiasco of almost missing our flight and only to find out later that it was delayed for 3 hours. Thank you Cebu Pacific for your disappointing customer service. You really need to invest on personnel training – really.

It was a welcome treat to finally get a nice bed to rest at The Circle Inn Hotel. We booked online via their website.