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Everland is the biggest theme park in South Korea. It’s located in Yongin which is about an hour away from Seoul. Our previous trip in South Korea, we went to Lotte World so we decided to check out this other theme park.



Overnight bus from Kyoto to Tokyo through Willer Express



As I was looking for options on how to economize this trip, I came across the idea of taking the overnight bus from Kyoto to Tokyo through Willer Express instead of taking the very expensive Shinkansen for around 5000 pesos. The bus on the other hand is half the price at 2000 pesos and we get to save on one night accommodation too. I chose Willer Express because of their really comprehensive and helpful website. We actually bought our tickets online two days before our departure thanks to the advice of my cousin. They were coming from Tokyo going to Kyoto but the tickets ran out so they had no choice but to take the bullet train. I was planning to buy it the night before. ^_^’



Kyoto Imperial Park



We wanted to see the Imperial Palace but a week prior to our trip, I learned that you needed to book an appointment for it. The same goes with the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. To book a tour, you would need to apply in advance with your passport at the Imperial Household Agency Office who organizes the tours. It is located on the northwestern corner of Kyoto Imperial Park. They say reservations are often possible for the same day. The office is open Monday-Friday at 8:45am to 12:00 and 1:00pm to 5pm. You can also make reservations online here. I checked the schedule but the next available appointment was in 2 weeks. So we just decided to see the Imperial Park  anyway. We were there on a Saturday at 5pm.



Nishiki Market



Nishiki Market is located near Shijo street, next to Teramachi Street. We actually got confused looking for the place and we should have just gone through Teramachi street. It is also known as the kitchen of Kyoto since fresh  produce and other food are sold here. We got here through Bus no. 5 but you can also get here through the subway or taxi.


Jishu Shrine at Kyomizudera



Jishu Shrine is known as a love shrine. This temple is dedicated to Okoninushi who is a god of love and good matches. The rabbit next to him is a messenger to the Gods.






Kyomizudera is a sight to behold. It is located on a mountain and it overlooks the city of Kyoto. It’s also known as the Pure Water Temple and you’ll see why as you scroll down. It is open from 6am-6pm. Admission fee is 300 yen. We took the bus 100 to get here. For more information on transportation access and other information, this is their official site in English.



First Vending Machine Restaurant experience in Japan

I only see this in movies or TV shows but one night when we were looking for a place to eat, we chanced upon this one. We were originally looking for a ramen shop recommended by my cousin but we couldn’t find it. We happened to pass by an older lady in a bike and since we probably look like we were lost, she asked us if we needed help and we pointed to our map asking for this place. She said it’s probably close and if we wanted something to eat, we should go that way. Lo and behold, there were plenty of dining establishments there. We chose this one because it seems like it said “unlimited rice” on the poster. The vending machine restaurant experience in Japan is a first for us. We were really excited to try it.

So the Japanese food vending machine works like any other vending machine, you put in your money, you choose what you want to eat, and a ticket comes out for this particular one.





Kinkaku-ji or Temple of the Golden Pavilion



Kinkaku-ji or the temple of the Golden Pavilion is a Zen temple covered in gold leaf. Its garden is equally amazing as the structure. I came in here without any expectations. Yes, I’ve seen it in pictures and you know how you see a structure and you’re like oh just like the pictures but we were amazed with the beauty of this one. Seeing it in person is quite different. The amazing gardens perfectly highlights the structure.



Katsukura in Kyoto Station



The night before, I went on the internet to look for good places to eat in Kyoto. There were those my budget could not afford of course like a really good kaiseki meal. I came across a blog who suggested Katsukura and it’s located at the Kyoto Station, on the top floor of Isetan. After walking around Fushimi Inari and we had our stop at Kyoto Station, it was a welcome treat.



Fushimi Inari Shrine



The Fushimi Inari Shrine is infamous for its bright red Torii gates. This shinto shrine is for the worship of the god Inari. We also found a lot of kitsune (fox) statues which are believed to be his messengers.

The first time I saw the Fushimi Inari shrine is from the movie Memoirs of a Geisha and I thought it was just beautiful. I told myself that I would see it in person one day.