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Food I ate in Switzerland – Part 3


I tried this newly opened restaurant across the Gare Cornavin station. It’s called Holy Cow and it specializes in burgers. I’m not much of a burger person but I wanted to try it out anyway. There’s another branch in Rue de Carouge.




Food I ate in Switzerland – Part 2


I eat a lot in McDonalds when I was in Geneva since it’s cheap and accessible. Here’s a McCafe next to a McDonalds with their pastry spread in the morning.




Food I ate in Switzerland – Part 1


I got these photos from my instagram which are just random food pics I snapped when I was in Switzerland.

One of the unique drinks I got to try in Switzerland is called Orangina. I love the packaging in this really small bottle with small hollow curves on it. It feels like a real orange in your hands.




Supermarket shopping in France from Geneve


Apparently, a lot of people in Geneva do their supermarket shopping in France once in a while since it’s cheaper. We took my aunt’s car and crossed the border in France. They say you can also take a bus. The one we went to is called Carrefour in this small French town. It looked like a Walmart. Do excuse my pictures since I only took pictures on instagram on my phone. Here’s an array of seafood.




Boat on Lake Geneve to Lausanne and Montreux


On one Saturday, we took a boat on Lake Geneve to Lausanne and then to Montreux. Thanks to a promotion from a bank, my aunt got us tickets and we only had to pay 5 CHF per person round trip instead of the normal 64 CHF for a second class ticket. It was a promotion for the Fete de Geneve celebration.

Here’s the boat/ferry that we went on. The company is called L’esprit du Leman. For more information, this is their website in english.




Floor Two Restaurant Sunday Brunch


We had Sunday Brunch at Floor Two Restaurant at the Kempinski Hotel in Geneva with my Mom and two of my aunts. It’s one of those indulgent things that we get to do once in a while thanks to a discount a friend had.  It normally costs a lot, I think around 100 CHF.




Walking around Geneva’s Old Town


Old Town is accessible via a tram or bus from the Gare Cornavin station to Bel Air which is about two or three stops. Before going up and exploring the area, we stopped for a banana split at one of the adorable outdoor cafes. It was really hot.




Winter in Switzerland


is very very cold. I experienced a minus 24 degree weather. They said that that’s the first time it had happened in years. It was colder than the freezer. The good thing about this is that I was able to see ice crystals and a frozen car. Haha.

Geneva is not the most happening place but it’s a quiet and nice city. It’s very family friendly. It’s cleaner than most European cities but the standard of living is a little higher so it’s more expensive.