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Madrid Budget

Wanna know how much I spent on my trip to Madrid this summer?



My Madrid Itinerary


This summer trip in Madrid is a short 4 day trip but was enjoyable nonetheless.


Cafe Vait in Madrid



Cafe Vait is located along Calle de Alacala, halfway in between the Arch at Plaza de la Independencia and the fountain on Plaza de Cibeles. This is their website.



Madrid Dia Tres

On our third day, we continued on our 2 Day Bus Tour. It’s so nice to be on the second level of the bus as you have a great view of what’s happening on the street level.





Madrid Dia Dos

On our second day, since we didn’t have breakfast at the hotel. We headed out to get some breakfast. We spotted this fast food local restaurant along Gran Via. It’s called Pans and it offers free wifi, you just need to register. We got sandwiches with cheese and bacon. It was pretty good.





Madrid Dia Uno



On our first day, we basically checked out the area around our hotel located on Gran Via. The back streets were also teeming with different shops. I tell you Madrid will burn your pocket. It’s a city for some wonderful shopping. They had a couple of Zara stores a block away from each other, same with other popular stores like Springfield, Bershka, H&M, etc.



Hotel Regente



I wish I could take credit for finding this amazing hotel but it was my aunt who found this when she was looking for deals at while planning for the trip to Madrid. I just booked the same hotel. We got a good deal actually but it doesn’t include breakfast.



How to Go to the City Center of Madrid from the Airport

After you go out from picking up your luggage on the luggage carousel, when you turn left you will find a Tourist Information Office. They speak several languages including English and French. Maps are available. I immediately asked how to get to our hotel or as close as possible. I was also given a map and directions.