Category: Tokyo

Studio Ghibli Museum



It has long been my dream to visit the Studio Ghibli Museum since I’m such a huge fan of Hayao Miyazaki’s work.






We decided to check out Ueno since we were going to transfer here anyway towards our next destination. It’s one of the major stations probably next to Tokyo and Shinjuku. We ventured out and walked around Ameyayokocho Market.






Ginza is known to be the upscale shopping district of Tokyo. A lot of upscale shopping stores can be found here. This is where I spend the most money shopping in Japan and we only had time for one store which was a good thing.



Tsukiji Market



The biggest fish market in the world is closing down in 2013 and will be relocating and will open in 2014. So, this was my chance to see it for the last time as it had been for the past 78 years.



DisneySea Tokyo



Tokyo Disneyland Resort is accessible through the JR Keiyo Line or JR Musashino Line. From Tokyo Station, it takes about 15 minutes until you reach the stop at Maihama. For more information about transport and how to get there, you can click here.






Shibuya is a shopping district but the crosswalk is made popular by the Sophia Coppola movie Lost in Translation. Also, if you watched Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and if you stayed after the credits on Fast 6, the Shibuya crosswalk was also featured.






Akihabara or Electric Town is know for streets lined up selling electronics. It is accessible through the JR Akihabara Station.






After walking around the Meiji shrine, we had to check out Harajuku since we were already there.



Meiji Shrine



Meiji Shrine or Meiji Jingu in Japanese is located in Shibuya Tokyo. It’s actually just around the corner from the JR Harajuku station. It’s a shrine dedicated to deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife. It’s probably the only shrine we went to in Tokyo since we went to a lot in Kyoto.



Tokyo Ramen Street



So while waiting before we can check in at our hotel, we headed out to Tokyo Station to find the Tokyo Ramen Street where there is also the Tokyo Okashi Land and the Tokyo Character Street alongside it. Tokyo Station is huge! Good thing there were Tourist Information Offices where we can ask around to make sure we were headed on the right direction.