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Singapore Post Trip Accounting

Post inspired by the Just Wandering travel blog.

Singapore Day 4

Our Last Day, we checked out and left our luggages at the front desk. We took a bus to Bugis and roamed around. Their shops don’t open until 12pm so we decided to have lunch first at the hawker stalls.

Mine is more like breakfast. I didn’t want chicken since I just had that the night before and didn’t really want anything heavy. I chose this SG$2 meal and bought a canned coke for SG$1.10. It wasn’t bad..

We shopped a little. I got a pair of shorts (which doesn’t fit) and tights. They don’t allow fittings for the cheaper stuff they sell or if items are on sale. Then, we turned in our tourist pass and got our deposit. We went back to the hotel to get our luggage and took the taxi to the airport. We ate while waiting for our plane to board. I had a banana muffin and calamansi juice.

After 3 hours, home sweet home!

My impression of Singapore: It’s clean, orderly but I find it boring. It’s just not my cup of tea. There isn’t much to see. They have malls and Sentosa. It’s extremely hot and everything is so expensive. It’s not a place I would like to come back to. The people who were with me had the same opinion and they are a well-traveled bunch. I’m sure a lot of people love the place but I just didn’t enjoy it like I hoped I would.

Singapore Day 3

Our third day was shopping day. We started the day late, around 10am. We went to Orchard Road. We couldn’t really enjoy it since everything was so expensive. We had lunch at Food Republic on Wistma Atria. I had curry chicken with pork and egg for SG$4.50.

Then we went to Chinatown to buy souveniers. I got keychains for SG$1 each and watches which were 3 for SG$10. I think it’s the place to find souvenirs because the same items cost more on Bugis.

After Chinatown, we went to Bugis. I got a couple of shirt and a dress.

They were having an event at Bugis Junction while documenting it. There was a sign which says: REAL LOVE WORKS. You get to sign on it like one of our friends did. I think they were promoting marriage and family.

Then we went back to Clark Quay so one of our friends could ride the GMax where they pull you up a few hundred feet, then spring you in the air. It looked exciting and scary.

It’s really true that when you are looking for something, you won’t find it as with the case on our search for a KFC. We were on Orchard Road looking for one and couldn’t find it. Then, we saw a couple when we weren’t looking!

Their KFC didn’t serve rice and/or unlimited gravy so we had to pay for extra and buy a cup of rice at the Yoshinoya next to it. We ordered the Ultimate Value Meal which costs around SG$6 and you get one piece of chicken with mashed potato, a chicken sandwich and a regular drink. I upsized my drink for an extra 50 cents since we were so thirsty from all the walking!

Afterwards, our other friends went to see a fountain. We just went around Bugis to buy food at the grocery to take home and see the other shops.

End of Day 3. ^^

Singapore Day 2

On our second day, we took the bus back to Clark Quay to get some pictures of the Merlion on Fullerton. Since we were already on Central, we bought the tourist pass for 2 days which provides unlimited ride on the MRT and the buses. It’s SG$8 a day with a refundable SG$10 deposit. It was worth it.

After that, we went to Chinatown for lunch at People’s Park foodcourt which cost around SG$3-4. I ordered the half roasted duck and half roasted pork on rice.

We went to Sentosa and bought tickets for the Sound of the Sea show at 7:40. The Singapore day is long.. It only starts to get dark at around 7pm. Our first stop at Sentosa is the resort park. It has the Casino and Universal which is still closed. Then, the second stop has the Merlion and various different parks. We took the zipline. I’m not sure what you call it but it’s like a ski lift. You get wonderful views of the beach like the one below but it was soooo hot!

After that, we were all tired from walking and uncomfortably sticky. We were just sitting around. We planned on going back to the Mall until the show but if we were to go back, we had to pay another SG$3 for the tram so we just decided to stick around the casino and kill time. Finally, we watched the show, it was good. I loved the light effects on the water.

We went to Little India after. At the Mustafa center, we bought perfumes since they are significantly cheaper there than at home.

Super tired. End of Day 2. ^^

Singapore Day 1

I got a text around November from a friend saying that there is a good deal for Singapore flights on Cebu Pacific  in March for P3,000 round trip and we took it.
It was a 3 hour flight. We arrived late afternoon and we took two taxis to our hotel in Kallang which costs SG$15 ($12 + $3 additional for airport taxis) each. We checked in the Hotel, left our luggages. We went around the area looking for money changers.

We were walking on the main street of Kellang and I see this white van on the corner of my eye with people looking at us and didn’t really think much of it until these guys or boys started walking after us and stopping us at our tracks. The oldest guy which was about mid 30s asked us for our passports. He said they were the police. They looked more like goons to me. I was not comfortable with the situation. I was telling my friends that we should call our friends in Singapore. He was asking where we were staying. He just glanced at the passport and then gave it back to us while reading our names aloud. That experienced turned me off about Singapore, this was supposed to be a law-abiding country. I didn’t imagine their police to be kids who are so unprofessional looking driving a white van without any hint of belonging to the Police Force. We told one of our friends who’s been there for a month. Apparently, if you’re a woman walking around Geylang unaccompanied by a man, “the police” will stop you since it’s the red light district. It doesn’t make any sense, what century are we on? But anyways..

We walked to the MRT which took forever. Their transportation system is very similar to Hong Kong’s if not identical which is very efficient. We went to Clark Quay and bumped into this guy who went to highschool with us. He gave us some tips and info on the transport system and pointed us to Boat Quay where we had our dinner. It’s so expensive! And the food is okay. I don’t recommend it, it’s a rip-off. Since, it was very expensive, we didn’t order much. We had dimsum by our hotel to fill our still hungry stomachs. ^^

End of Day 1..