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Fukuoka Shopping

Fukuoka Shopping


Fukuoka Shopping is fun. If we had more time, I would have hit a few stores but since that wasn’t the main purpose of this trip. The main shopping centers were Canal City and Tenjin. Well, mostly Tenjin. 😛 We just had to buy whatever we like when we pass through a place. We did alot 2 hours of shopping at Don Quijote on our last night in Fukuoka to get our beloved Japanese stash but other than that, we just bought what we could find. We didn’t have the time to go back to a place. Shopping in Fukuoka is fun. It’s not as crowded as Tokyo stores where a lot of things are always out of stock. We noticed that prices has gone a bit up since the last time we were there in 2015 judging from the price of a pack of Kitkat. Haha. I’ll show you some of the things I got.



Piccadilly Circus



Piccadilly Circus is synonymous to shopping so I loved, loved it! If you ask me, the time I spent here is a little short. Considering I just spent the whole day shopping the day before, I still felt my time here was short. Haha. We saw some girls doing a survey and we were told that they closed down the street for traffic for the first time that day and it was a Sunday so it’s not a usual walking street.






Harrod’s is one of the more popular department stores in London, if not THE most popular. It’s an upscale, (read: expensive) luxury department store like I can’t possibly afford anything here kind of department store.



Sukawati Market

Sukawati Market



Sukawati Market is the place to shop for souvenirs, aside from the Tanah Lot Market. They have a lot of artworks, crafts, clothes, etc. You must be ready to bargain.






Ginza is known to be the upscale shopping district of Tokyo. A lot of upscale shopping stores can be found here. This is where I spend the most money shopping in Japan and we only had time for one store which was a good thing.



Disney Shopping

I didn’t go crazy although I could have. There were just too many beautiful things. I had to restrain myself. Haha. Like I mentioned on my previous post, I fell in love with this Donald Duck hat and It had to be mine.





Holiday Wish List

1. Win a Trip to the Maldives next year. LOL. It’s a long shot but you’ll never know.. Hahaha.




I learned of Muji through a blog that I follow. It sounds really appealing that they have quality items which aren’t branded at affordable prices. Very Japanese.

I bought my first Muji item in Bejing last year. It was a gray hooded jacket and it was on sale at 50% off and I love it! It’s a classic piece of clothing I wouldn’t throw away during spring cleaning. You know how clothes get altered after a number of dips in the washing machine? My jacket still looks like I bought it yesterday.

Yesterday, I was at Greenbelt and I checked out the newly opened Muji store. These are my loot. ^.^




My Hong Kong Loot


Well, and one piece from Macau – a souvenir item from a casino since it’s Chinese New Year. They were giving out calendar cards. I can’t really get anything from Macau except for food that’s why I get most of my stuff in Hong Kong.

I bought a couple of souvenirs but not much. I’ve learned over a few trips not to buy so much. First, it costs a lot (when accumulated) even on small things. Second, most people I’ve given things to don’t really appreciate it so I’ve learned to only give to close friends and for example, the person who was house sitting for us. I would have given the driver something if he didn’t try to overcharge us. Anyways..

This was my favorite, I would have frozen to death if not for this knitted sweater I got at this little store. I got it for HKD70. I found a similar one in avocado green at this cute store and they were selling it for HKD150 but I couldn’t bring myself to buy it since it’s so expensive but I was really tempted. I’m just glad I didn’t get that one and instead got this one.. ^^



Day 5 – Temple of Heaven Complex

We took the #2 bus to go to the Temple of Heaven Complex. We had no idea where the stop would be and the bus was full! I was kinda worrying we might not be able to get out of the bus on our stop. Fortunately, we did and it was the right one. The west gate was just right across.

Combination tickets were 35 Yuan. This means we had access to the 3 main attractions.

The first one we got to see was the The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests which was the best one out of the three in my opinion.

There was this really nice tree right by the snack shop.

View from the circular mound altar..

and the Echo Wall which is just like a smaller version of the Hall of Prayer of Good Harvest.

We got lost as it is a huge park. We had to go all the way back so we can exit on the West gate – the same way we went in because the pearl market was just right across it. After our lunch at KFC, we went shopping.

It had different levels that mostly sold electronics, scarf, pearls and some other things. I got 2 sets of long strands of pearls for 175 Yuan and A MAC make up brush kit for 50 Yuan. My cousin bought a fake ipod for 70 Yuan.

After that, we had time to go back to Xidan through the subway and got some other stuff. I really loved Xidan and the bargaining.