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Japanese Curry at Curry Station Indo Club



Japanese curry is probably one of the more affordable meals you can have in Japan. It’s also tasty. It has a much milder flavor than the usual curry. As with a lot of things, curry is a foreign import by the British which the Japanese made their own version of. It is recognizable by its thick dark brown sauce usually served over rice.



Takoyaki in Osaka



My must try food in Osaka are the Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki. There are plenty of takoyaki stands in Osaka. We passed by this one on Dotonburi. It was nice as they were cooking it outside and they had a sitting area inside.

Just in case you don’t know what a Takoyaki is. It’s a very popular Japanese snack. It’s made from batter, usually with minced/diced octopus. There are variations as well like cheese and bacon. It is usually served warm, drizzled in takoyaki sauce and¬†mayonnaise¬†with bonito flakes on top.



Okonomiyaki at President Chibo



I actually had no idea what President Chibo was or if it was any good. We were on Dotonburi and wanted to try okonomiyaki. We just walked further down the street and saw a line, we were like this should be good enough. We waited for a good 5-10 minutes before we were ushered to our table.



Namba and Dotonburi

The original plan was to go to Osaka Castle, then take a cruise boat to Namba and Dotonburi. Since we got in the city later than planned. We decided to skip Osaka Castle and go in the morning. Dotonburi shouldn’t be missed at night. ^.^





Remm Shin Osaka



Remm Shin Osaka is probably the most convenient hotel in the area since it is in the train station itself. It can be tricky to find it. The instructions I found on the internet says: “The Kansai airport limited express Haruka drops you in the main JR station. From here (platform 11), take the “East” exit, turn right and follow the walkway for a hundred metres or so, taking a right into the large plaza just past the calligraphy store. You’ll find the Shinkansen “Central” gate on your right and the Remm entry straight ahead of you. There will be Tully coffee shop and 2 other restaurants there, to your right there will be a entrance to building and sign for REMM hotel on your right. Lobby is at 12th floor” This is about right except that it is more confusing when you’re actually there. The picture above is where the Central gate is on the left. I saw a Krispy Kreme store ahead on the left if you’re coming towards the Central gate and it’s on your right. Right behind it is the Tully’s coffee shop. Remm Shin Osaka would be on the right turn and you would see the signs pointing to it. You will see this door as you enter.



Kansai Airport through Jetstar and the ICOCA card



This whole trip got started when my cousin tipped me off about a sale on Jetstar. She knows how much I’d love to go to Japan. She already purchased her ticket which were sold out fast unsurprisingly. They went the other route while I asked another cousin if she wanted to go on this trip. So, I immediately purchased us a Manila-Osaka, Tokyo-Manila tickets which were around 8,000+ pesos excluding optional additional luggage for a fee. On researching about this trip, I had to find out what is the best way to get into the city. I learned a lot about Kansai Airport and the ICOCA card.