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Lunch at Stazione Centrale

I had lunch at Stazione Centale in Milan. It’s on the second floor where all the trains are, right across it. It’s called Bistrot Centrale.



A Day in Rome..

There’s a lot to see in Rome. I only had one whole day to explore Rome and see the sights. It wasn’t enough. I was lucky my grandpa’s brother lived there and took a day off from work to take me around the city. I arrived at night time at the Central Station. Had a really huge dinner..

I had chicken with potato, pasta and prosciutto with arugula and humongous mozzarella cheese. Then we went home.


The Tuscan Sun


After missing my train and catching the next one from Venice to Florence or Firenze. I was late for our meet up – a friend of  a friend was picking me up from the station since she’s got class. My friend is very fortunate to be in Florence studying art. I noticed that Italian cities have different rates and time frame for their public transportation ticket. In Florence, it costs  2 euros for a bus ticket and it lasts 90 minutes after you validate it inside the bus. We left my luggage at her house, got some gelatto for 1.40 euro and got on a bus to go to Fesola. It is one of the highest point in Firenze and you would see the valley. It’s such a nice view. This is the square where the bus stops..



Hotel Centauro in Venice review


I went through and looked for a list of hotels in Venice. I saw Hotel Centauro which fits my budget. I like the location that it was on the mainland of Venice and it’s on a comfortable walking distance to the Rialto bridge and San Marco square. I also liked the reviews on it on Tripadvisor.

I did not have a hard time finding the hotel since the website’s map of the hotel was really helpful. I also read some tips and saw some pictures on Tripadvisor reviews that I’ve already familiarized myself with the place visually.

When I got off the Rialto stop, I walked down Calle de Carbon. Then I turned left when I reached the intersection with Calle de Cavalli. Strait down until I found Campo Manin. You will see a small square with banks and a statue with a lion on its foot.






From Milan Centrale, I boarded a trenitalia train for Venezia Sta. Lucia. It cost me around 32 euros. It could have been cheaper if I booked earlier. They have the Mini offers and they are less expensive but also less flexible than regular tickets of course. Their Trenitalia website has an option to view it in english. This is where I check the timetable for train departures. It is very useful. When booking, be wary of the time – that’s how you find out if the train is direct or it’s a local train which is a lot less expensive but takes a lot longer because it makes more stops. My train journey took about 2 hours and it was very comfortable. 🙂



The Venezia San Lucia railway station has no ramps like most of Venice so I had to drag my large suitcase all by myself down those stairs. The Vaporetto dock was just around the corner.





I landed in Milan Malpensa airport very early in the morning.. I met up with my Dad’s friend from back in the day. He picked me up from the airport. We had light breakfast, then we took the bus into the city. It stops at Milan Centrale and costs around 7 euros.