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How to Cross the border from Siem Reap to Thailand


To cross the border from Siem Reap to Thailand, we had to go through the Poipet border. There are buses available for a cheaper price but I didn’t want to wait for it to be full or for other people. So, we decided on a Taxi service to cross the border. I asked our hostel at Tanei Guesthouse about a taxi. They offered me a price of $30 from Siem Reap to the Poipet border for 5 people. They said it’s usually only $25 but since there are more people in our group, they charged $5 more which wasn’t so bad. Last time, we had to pay $45. We left at around 7am and it was a 2 to 3 hour ride to the border.





Food I ate in Siem Reap


Around lunch time when we were touring the Temple complex, we ate at this open restaurant just across Angkor Wat. I was expecting the food to be sub par since the tuktuk drivers took us there. It was surprisingly better than expected. This was the beef dish.





Other sights and activities in Siem Reap


There are other things to see and do in Siem Reap besides the Angkor Wat Complex which is the main tourist draw of the city. Here are a few things you can do aside from temple hopping while in the area.

1. Night Markets. There are a couple of them in Siem Reap. The one we frequented is called the Angkor Night Market since it was closer to our hotel.





Siem Reap and Angkor Wat – the second time around


This is the first time that I’ve flown into Siem Reap, Cambodia. Their airport is small but sufficient. You have to walk down the plane and into the building. We arrived at night.




Tanei Guesthouse in Siem Reap

Tanei Guesthouse in Siem Reap


For our family trip this year, we decided to go on a Siem Reap and Bangkok trip, thanks to the Cebu Pacific promotion as well. I was looking for guesthouses in the area. I previously stayed at Two Dragons Hostel but this time, I wanted a guesthouse located closer to the Old Market/Pub Street area. I was also looking for a budget accommodation since we’ll be needing 2 rooms and luckily, Tanei Guesthouse fit the bill. It was also offering a 20% discount because it was off season.


Two Dragons Hostel (Siem Reap) Review


I was looking for a place in Siem Reap, something cheap but decent. If you haven’t noticed, I rely heavily on TripAdvisor reviews. 😀  I read on the reviews that they also offer Taxi services which would be perfect for us first timers since none of us had crossed the Poipet border. The Taxi costs $45 for the whole car and an additional $2.50 fee for each person which would be billed to the hotel. We were instructed not to give any money to the Taxi driver. Gordon (the Hostel owner) also gives a detailed instruction on what to do and where to meet at the border.


Two Dragons Hostel (Siem Reap) Review is our experience



Siem Reap, How Do I Love Thee?


Let me count the ways..

1. Old Market – The place is quaint and comfortable. The tourists that were there were decent, not the partying and getting wasted kind of tourists. You won’t see local Cambodian girls with Old Caucasian men which sadly is a common sight in other parts of Southeast Asia. There were a lot of artsy and affordable places to eat and chill. Personal favorites are the Viva Mexican Restaurant and the Blue Pumpkin with its really cool lounge on the second floor.



I will see you soon..

A couple of days ago, I booked myself a ticket to Bangkok because of the seat sale they had at Cebu Pacific. It wasn’t dirt cheap but it’s better than the deal I got last time. I will meet my friends there who are currently working in Myanmar. We’ll go on a trip to Siem Reap and we’ll all be going home on the same flight. It will be a dream come true. ^^