Caffe La Tea Tarlac

Caffe La Tea Tarlac


My cousin and I visited this Caffe La Tea branch in Tarlac located on Mabini Street. It is next to D&C Cuisine. I was a little confused because it used to be located on Romulo near Tarlac State University. That cafe still exists but it got rebranded as Urban Brew. They look exactly alike and probably serves the same kind of food, more or less. This branch is a little smaller than that one but I guess it makes it more cozy.

The cafe originated in Cabanatuan. It was conceptualized by a group of sister-cousin-friends according to their website. They started in July of 2015. So It’s fairly new. Their website says that their success comes from being located on busy thoroughfares near to universities which seems to be true. They do have good locations. If you want to read more about their story, you can always go to their website. 🙂



This is their menu. You can also check out the menu on their website. Most of it is affordable, they really cater to students and office workers.


Caffe La Tea Menu




I ordered the Mozza Lava sticks because I was craving some cheese. It’s basically deep fried mozzarella cheese with some marinara on the side. It was good.


Caffe La Tea food


I ordered the Gambas and Mushroom pasta. Maybe I had really high expectations because I wasn’t happy with this. It’s like a bad imitation of Yellow Cab’s Charlie Chan’s Chicken Pasta but with shrimp instead of chicken of course. It’s not bad but It’s definitely not good either. The serving size is really small too.


Caffe La Tea food


My cousin ordered the Hungarian sausage and pesto. This was not good either.




It’s sad to say that we left Caffe La Tea Tarlac not pleased with what we ate. Maybe we ordered wrong? Their pasta dishes are really not good. I’ve had their rice meals before at the previous location before it became Urban Brew. I think their rice meals are good but I haven’t tried them on this location. They could be different. I really like the chiz buco lumpia. That one is really good and I think that’s also one of their popular dishes.



Caffe La Tea Tarlac
Address: 168, Mabini Street, Cabanatuan City, 3100 Nueva Ecija

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