Cafe Royale Tarlac

Cafe Royale Tarlac


Cafe Royale is a new cafe/restaurant that recently opened in Tarlac. It is located on Bypass road, San Vicente, Tarlac. It’s on the road at the back of SM City Tarlac. It’s hard to miss since the facade is mostly white. There is an adjacent building which is still under construction. News is that they will turn it into a gaming area with billiards, darts, etc. For now, only the cafe is open.




Cafe Royale Tarlac indoor


They have two areas which is the outdoor in the indoor room with AC. Since it’s been really hot and we don’t smoke, we chose to be seated indoors. The indoor area is quite small with 3 tables and a bar like area by the window. It is designed heavily with the James bond influence. Maybe their cafe name is inspired by the movie Casino Royale too. We were seated on the far right table because the other two cushioned seats were just cleaned and are still wet. One of the workers was sitting on that table writing something on a clipboard and moved to the table bar area by the window. The cushion seat was dirty, maybe it was next in line to be cleaned? For a new place, that is a bit weird because everything else seems relatively new.

This was where they make the coffees and there is just a small window pass through for the kitchen.


Cafe Royale Tarlac


The cakes they had didn’t seem so appetizing.


Cafe Royale Tarlac cakes


They have the unisex bathroom on the corner by our table and the kitchen/coffee area which the workers seemed to use a lot.


Cafe Royale Tarlac cr




We were given the menu on a clipboard. They have different foods which are classified into Filipino, Italian, and American.  It was about 4-5 pages. The first two are for food and the rest are drinks.


Cafe Royale Tarlac menu


They also gave us another menu. This one was laminated. Consists of mostly bar food and drinks.


Cafe Royale Menu




We decided to start with the Eva green salad. It was reasonably priced at 100 pesos. It was actually good. We liked the generous dressing  a lot.


Cafe Royale Tarlac food


Me and my friend each ordered a meal. I got the”Vesper Carbonara” which is penne pasta covered in cream and bacon with bread. It was just okay. This was priced at 200 pesos.


Cafe Royale Tarlac pasta


My friend got the Tapa meal. This was priced at 180 pesos. It had the tapa with 2 eggs, garlic rice, achara and vinegar.


Cafe Royale Tarlac tapa


We didn’t order fancy drinks. We just opted for water and they were pretty generous with it. Our bill came to around 500 which is not too bad.


Cafe Royale Tarlac food


The food at Cafe Royale Tarlac was okay. The service was just okay too. I just didn’t get why they had so many workers and most of them were just in the indoor area writing on clipboards. They would come in and out. It was not good. Then some people came in as well who seemed to know the workers really well. I don’t know if they were the owners or they just really like it there. It was a bit weird. I don’t necessarily recommend it nor am I itching to get back. Maybe it will improve. You can check it out and let us know about your experience. 🙂


Cafe Royale Tarlac tapa



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