Buzz Cafe Alona Beach

Buzz Cafe Alona Beach


Buzz Cafe Alona Beach is a restaurant located beach front. It is a cafe from the popular Bohol Bee Farm. They serve lunch, dinner and also ice cream with local flavors.



Our resort had a free shuttle bus that goes to Alona Beach three times a day so we took one in the early afternoon just to check it out and maybe have lunch there. It was a bit disappointing because the beach is nice but most of the establishments are too close to the beach. There is hardly room to walk along it. We walked first towards the right and then, we decided to walk back until we see the end of the beach which is where Henan Resort Bohol is located. The Buzz Cafe is located before we reached Henan.


Buzz Cafe Alona Beach


We just had an inspiring lunch at one of the restaurants we passed by earlier so we only had room for ice cream. They had various local Filipino flavors like Avocado, Durian, Mango, Guyabano, Malunggay, Ube, Peanutkisses, Pandan, Dragon Fruit, Seaweed, Ginger, Chocolate, Coconut, Melon and Salted Honey. You can also ask for samples before you order what you want. A scoop has increased the price to PHP 60.00 or $1.20 for a scoop and PHP 120.00 or $2.40 for two scoops.


Buzz Cafe Alona Beach


We decided on the buko (coconut) and ube flavors. The cone is not the regular dough cone. The cone is made of cab-cab also known as cassava. It is made of mashed cassava pulp and they are dried into thin wafers. The Buzz Cafe makes their ice cream home made. They have their own farm and try to serve food in their most natural state.


Buzz Cafe Ice Cream and Cap Cap cone


You can opt to just get the ice cream and walk along the beach. We wanted to check the cafe so we went up the second floor and I must say that it was really nice and airy. They had very open and wide windows which lets the sea breeze in.


If you’re ever at Alona Beach, this is one of the places that would be nice to check out even if you just want something small like an ice cream. The ice cream had really good flavors and they have a wide assortment of local flavors. They also have bread and spreads available to take with you should you want on the first floor.




Address: Alona Beach, Alona Beach Rd, Panglao, 6340 Bohol, Philippines
Hours: 7:30AM - 10PM
Phone: +63 38 510 1822



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