Bucket List

My Bucket List. I read somewhere that you should post it publicly so you would be accountable to actually do them. ^^

  1. See the Eiffel Tower
  2. Sunrise and sunset in Hawaii
  3. Experience a white Christmas
  4. Walk on the great wall of china,see the forbidden city
  5. Disney magic (California, Hongkong, Paris)
  6. Finish college
  7. Play an instrument – guitar
  8. Win in a raffle draw – rice cooker!
  9. Go on a road trip (Utah-Las Vegas-California-Arizona)
  10. Play with snow
  11. Experience four seasons
  12. Ride a bullet train (Geneva – France)
  13. See the Mona Lisa in The Louvre (Paris)
  14. Dress up in costume at a party ( Sakura from Naruto, Policewoman and Minnie Mouse)
  15. Ride a roller coaster
  16. Tubing down the river in Idaho
  17. Casino hopping in Vegas and Macau
  18. Go skinny dipping
  19. Buy a car
  20. Organize a High school reunion
  21. Join a Fun Run
  22. Go on a 30 day soda diet
  23. Do a Tomb Raider/Angelina Jolie pose at Angkor Wat
  24. Be the matchmaker to a married couple
  25. Create original recipes
  26. Find the man that fits my unique puzzle
  27. Take my brother to an NBA game
  28. Build my dream home – environmentally sustainable
  29. Own a small cafe/bakery
  30. Design clothes
  31. Be on a cover of a magazine
  32. Live in japan
  33. Sponsor a child to go to school
  34. Give a heartful surprise to someone
  35. Eat in El Buli in Spain or Nobu
  36. Conquer biggest fear – public speaking
  37. Have a cherry blossom tree
  38. Fly first class or business class
  39. See all my kids graduate from college
  40. See the pyramids and ride a camel
  41. Have a happy and memorable wedding
  42. Meet the Dalai Lama
  43. Give back to my highschool
  44. Visit Tibet or Bhutan
  45. Go on a ramen marathon
  46. Overeat for a week – in Italy
  47. Recycle something and convert it to an awesome piece of art
  48. Ride a zipline through a jungle/forest
  49. Inspire at least 5 people to travel or see the world
  50. Ride a gondola in Venice with someone I love
  51. See an Olympic event
  52. Invent something and get a patent for it


“There is no use trying; one can’t believe impossible things.” (Alice)

“I dare say you haven’t had much practice. When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” -Queen

  1. Walk on a Victoria Secret runway show or model for a print ad.
  2. Earn a million dollars or two.
  3. Buy my mom a house
  4. Own a company that will provide hundreds of jobs

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  • Finish college.. wow, that’s part of your bucket list? Expecting taking a long time to accomplish that?

    Talk about priorities, sheesh..

    • Maybe I should have been more specific about that. The blocked ones are things I’ve already accomplished. I finished college in a university in the United States. Coming from a third world country, my family could not afford the expensive cost so yes, that took some time. I had to complete the prerequisites before I could apply for a scholarship and thankfully was granted one.

  • stupid to say, but some of the people working here is they do bulshit… my sister get her passport but they making her an idiot, its almost 2 months now she didnt get her passport, they always say, “nextmonth”.. again ang again.. why? becouse she just 18 yrs.old to go to UA, and they have so many questions to her personal life, she give her all requerments, pat it..but they seems they stupid to do that. maybe its time to ask help to somebody that they can help her, like “the 3T”

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