Bohol Countryside Tour

Bohol Countryside Tour

The Bohol Countryside Tour is a must do when you go to Bohol. You can do this in many ways by arranging it with a travel agency or your hotel. If you would like to go the DIY route, I’ve seen some people rent motorbikes to see the island. We rented a car with a driver for the two of us. It can actually fit 4 people. If there are more people in your group, vans are also available.


We started the tour by pick up at our hotel at South Palms Resort. You can read about my review of the resort here.  The driver was prompt and the reception gave us a ring. We did not go through the resort because it was much more expensive. The driver suggested that we go to the furthest attraction (which was the Chocolate Hills) working our way back to the resort. My boyfriend was sick so I asked him if we could stop by a pharmacy to get him some medicine on our way and we did. 🙂




Bohol Countryside tour

The Chocolate Hills are the island’s most famous attraction. They are geological formation. There are 1,776 hills spread over an area of 50 kilometers. They are usually green but they turn brown during the dry season. Hence the name. The Chocolate Hills are located in the town of Carmen in Bohol. We were taken to the “viewing point”. The car was parked at the bottom and we had to climb the hill to get to the viewpoint. We spent maybe half an hour here. There isn’t really much to do except marvel at the sight and take pictures. Our driver asked us if we wanted to rent some ATVs and we didn’t really want to.

TICKET FEE: PHP 50.00 or $1.00




Butterfly Sanctuary Bohol


Our driver asked us if we wanted to go here and we were not really into it at the beginning but this was surprisingly nice. My boyfriend’s mom would have loved this place. They have a tour guide that takes you around the sanctuary and explains each species to you, making jokes every now and then which makes the tour a lot more interesting. We actually really enjoyed this and highly recommend it to other people. We learned about butterflies and took some really good photos.

TICKET FEE: PHP 30.00 or $0.60


Butterfly Sanctuary Bohol

Butterfly Sanctuary Bohol




Tarsier Conservation area

The Tarsier is unique to the Philippines and Southeast Asia. It’s one of the smallest primates on earth. They can only be found in few islands in the Philippines and Bohol is one of them. They are really small like maybe just a bit bigger than a regular fist. It’s nice for them to have these areas that are reserved for them but at the same time, we found them on “strategic areas” on eye level. It just doesn’t seem so natural but I really hope they take care of them properly.

TICKET FEE: PHP 60.00 or $1.20


Tarsier Conservation Area


Tarsier Conservation Area




Loboc River Crusie


This is admittedly very touristy but it was also a really nice way to have a leisurely lunch on open boats with the breeze passing through while you enjoy the scenery. There are several boats and I don’t know which is the best one. To me, they look mostly similar. We just went to the reception and then we just asked for two tickets and they wrote down the boat number. The food is buffet style. It is nothing special, pretty basic. They have chikcen, pork, rice, noodles, some seafood like shrimps and fish. They also have sodas for drinks and some dessert. The cruise just goes around the river. At the end, there is a small waterfall which was really nice. On the way back, there is also a hut boats stop at and some people perform traditional Filipino dances. We also some people paddle boarding along the river. That is another activity you can do if you are interested.

TICKET FEE: PHP 450.00 per person or $9.00


Loboc River Cruise

Loboc River Cruise




Bohol Python


After lunch, we went to the Bohol Python and Wildlife park. I despise snakes but the boyfriend is interested so we went. It was basically a bunch of stalls with large snakes. They said they had one of the biggest snakes but it died years ago but they preserved it and you can take a photo with it. You can also see snake skin when it was shed. The yellow snake below, you can opt to take pictures holding it but I would not do that.

TICKET FEE: PHP 10.00 or $0.20


Python Sanctuary Bohol




Baclayon Church


We only went to see the outside. It was severely damaged due to the recent earthquake so at the time it was being restored.

NORMAL TICKET FEE: PHP 25.00 or $0.50


We also saw the blood compact site and the Man made forest somewhere along the way just to take some photos. We finished early so we asked the driver if he can drop us off somewhere we can buy ferry tickets to Cebu. He dropped us off at Robinsons Mall for a bit then he dropped us off the resort. We enjoyed ourselves with the Bohol Countryside Tour. We liked the freedom we had to customize the sites we wanted to see and skip those we were not really interested in. The fee was PHP1,800.

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