Bohol Beach Club Agotata Restaurant

Bohol Beach Club Agotata Restaurant

Bohol Beach Club Agotata Restaurant is the main restaurant of Bohol Beach Club. It is open from 6:00am to 10:00pm. They serve both local Filipino food and International food.



On our last few days, we were getting a bit sick of the food at South Palms since it was just average and very expensive for what it is. We decided to check out the restaurant of the resort next door which is Bohol Beach Club Agotata Restaurant. They were less expensive and the food was better. We didn’t think we could come and eat here at first because we are not guests of the resort so we just decided to give it a shot. We just walked over, there was a guard there who asked us where we were going, we told him we were going to the restaurant. He spoke to someone on the radio and let us through.

The first time we went for dinner, I ordered the fish with avocado mashed potato and salad. It tasted really good. My boyfriend was craving for a good steak so he had meat. It had mashed potato and vegetables on the side.


Bohol Beach Club Agotata Restaurant


We were also lucky to witness a fire dancing performance that night. We even participated in it a bit. Haha. That was really fun.



We also ordered some drinks to start with. They were really nice too.


Agotata Restaurant drinks


We asked if they had chocomousse and the nice lady asked the back of the house and she said that yes, they can serve it. Unfortunately this was a fail. It was not light at all. it was like a brick. It’s good we only got one to share. We took maybe 2 or 3 spoons and gave up on it.



We also went for lunch another day. They were fixing the place for dinner I assume and putting bench seats and lighting which was really nice.



I had the club house sandwich and the boyfriend had the burger with fries that is pictured on the top of this post.



For our last night, we also went here for dinner. The set up was apparently for buffet. They had a buffet that night but it was not compulsary. We can also still just order from the menu.



We ordered shrimps for appetizer and they were neatly arranged on two pieces of bread. I ordered pinakbet with garlic rice.



The boyfriend ordered the chicken kebab meal and it came with salad, fries and rice. Talk about a full plate. Haha.



We loved coming to the restaurant because the food is always good and the prices were fair. We felt like we got our money’s worth with the food we had here. Our meals were always good and tasty.




Address: Bo. Bolod, Island of Panglao Bohol, Philippines 6340
Phone Number: (63-38) 502-9222

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