Bebek Bengil Dirty Duck Diner



Bebek Bengil Dirty Duck Diner is one of the more popular restaurants in Ubud. The prices are mid-range. It is located on Jalan Hanoman, a busy street on the city center. It is next to the supermarket.




It’s a pretty huge establishment and we asked to be seated towards the back by the rice fields. The lower floor was already packed at around 6pm so we were seated upstairs.




With the view of the beautiful paddy fields at dusk..




The restaurant is very airy and it has a really nice ambiance with very good facilities. It’s very open and spacious.




Their menu is mostly duck based. We tried quite a few things. Ironically, we started with dessert since my friends were hungry. My friend ordered the carrot cake. We were disappointed. It wasn’t very good, very nice presentation though.




My other friend ordered the apple crumble. It wasn’t good either. So, maybe we’d skip dessert next time.




Of course we ordered the crispy duck which was very nice. Duck can be gamy if not cooked properly. I guess they’ve had a lot of practice. Haha. It came with a side of potatoes.




Then we ordered the crispy duck fried rice which is probably my favorite out of everything that we ordered. I just love Indonesian fried rice. It was delicious! ^.^




We also ordered pork chop. It came with a side of baby potatoes. The cream/sauce of this one was rich but tasty.




That was our meal which was pleasant. Our driver told us though that the chef here quit a few months ago and transferred to another Bebek restaurant so the food wasn’t as good as the time when the previous chef still worked there. I wish he told us sooner so we could have tried the restaurant where he transferred to, maybe.





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