Banapple Marquee Mall

Banapple Marquee Mall


According to their website, Banapple is your friendly bakery cafe that serves freshly-baked pies, cheesecakes and desserts, as well as good food and coffee. They are very popular in Metro Manila as I have seen them around Makati so it was a good thing to have them closer here in the North. Banapple Marquee Mall opened at the end of May this year and it’s located near the mall entrance, next to North Park and Yellow Cab Pizza on the left side if you are entering the mall.




Banapple Marquee Mall


Banapple Marquee Mall had their signature garden tables with rocks but the seating they have was not very comfortable. They had seats against the wall with no cushions so they were hard seats but that is not really a big deal. The interior is very nice with the red chandeliers. The temperature they had at the store when we were there at around 1pm was a bit warm, feels like the AC wasn’t working well.


Banapple Marquee Mall


The way it works is as you enter Banapple Marquee Mall, they ask you how many in your party and they show you where you can sit. They give you menus and glasses of water. Once, you have decided you have to go to the counter to pay for your food. Then, they will give you a number that you put on the apple like banana holder thingy on the table. 🙂




Banapple menu


They have plenty of options, this is their menu.. We had our choices and I paid at the counter, got our number. After a short while, our orders were served. Kudos to not having to wait a while for your food.


banapple menu


Banapple menu






I ordered the Bacon Fried Chicken steaks with milk’shroom gravy at PHP 235.00. They have very generous portions. I think the rice is double the size of what you would usually get at other restaurant’s. Their garlic rice is really, really good. The chicken was good but it’s not excellent. Let’s just say, I probably would get something else next time.


Banapple Marquee Mall


My cousin ordered the Lasagna roll ups at PHP 235.00. It’s very rich. They don’t scrimp with the cheese and that is excellent. It’s a different take on the classic lasagna and they did a good job. My cousin said that it’s his new favorite lasagna.


Banapple Marquee Mall lasagna roll ups


My other cousin ordered the Hickory Smoked Barbecued Country Ribs at PHP 240.00. It was again a generous serving. The people next to us had to take home the extra rice they ordered because they didn’t expect the rice to be that much. He had 3 big chunks of ribs. It was really good. It tasted like Hunt’s but still was good. It’s not exactly fall off the bone tender but it was soft enough.


Banapple Marquee Mall ribs




We were really full after the meal that sadly, there wasn’t any room for dessert. If you would like to check the selection, they have the cake fridge available next to the cash register for you to check out what kind of sumptuous cakes they have. Prices for the pies and cakes range from PHP 120-160.


Banapple cakes


It was a really good meal we had. The price is very good for the generous servings. The place is bright and airy. I wished they had the AC working better. The employees are still a bit out of it, maybe because they have only been operational for a few months but I hope that they will probably work better as the days go by.

Banapple Marquee Mall is open on mall hours from 10:00AM-9:00PM. Be sure to go there hungry. Haha. Let us know what you think. 🙂











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