Balinsasayaw Chicken Grill and Restaurant

Balinsasayaw Chicken Grill and Restaurant


Our hotel is actually a block away from this famous Palawan restaurant. It’s on the end of the street of our hotel near the main street. This is actually our landmark and reference to our street. Balinsasayaw means edible nest swiflet. They are the kind of birds that builds nest with their saliva. The bird’s nest is a delicacy and that is what this restaurant is famous for – bird’s nest dishes.




The ambiance is traditional. They had this beautiful elevated huts with seating on them. We wanted to sit there but it was full at the time. We’re a group of 5 so it’s not really convenient when most tables sit only two. so we settled on the main dining area at the back which had the cafeteria style.

We asked the server what is popular and they recommended the chicken inasal which we all ordered. It was pretty good.




We also ordered a couple of dishes. I forgot what this one was because it was not memorable.




We really liked the grilled chicken. The price was affordable. Their food was just okay. I wish we tried the bird’s nest soup, maybe next time.



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