Aspire Lounge Schilpol Airport

Aspire Lounge Schilpol Airport


I love airport lounges. They make traveling a lot more enjoyable. Airport lounges allow you to have a comfortable place to rest and have something to eat. Usually, access to the lounge can be paid or reserved. For me, I can access the lounge through my credit card that gives me a Priority Pass membership. I can also give access to travel companions who do not have a membership. I used to have a card that gave me unlimited access to these lounges but they had stopped it so I had to look for an alternative. 😛



Aspire Lounge Access



For those with Priority Pass membership, you have 3 options at the Schilpol airport. 2 for non-Schengen flights and 1 for Schengen flights. We chose Aspire Lounge because we were in a hurry and it was the name I remember. Fortunately, it was not so busy. We have been refused entry before at Dnata Skyview Lounge in Geneva, Switzerland and were told that the lounge is going to be busy although we do not see a lot of people in the lounge but what can you do? We went to another lounge instead.


Opening Hours
06:00 – 23:00 daily. Hours may be subject to seasonal changes. Due to peak seasonal activity it is expected this lounge will see an increase in the number of guests. Therefore, access may be periodically restricted due to space constraints.


Airside – follow signs for ‘Lounge 41’, located on the Panorama Deck on the 3rd Floor. The lounge is not accessible to passengers departing from Gate M. Non-Schengen flights only.


Access is permitted 3 hours prior to scheduled flight departure – Children under 2 years are admitted free – Children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult – Alcoholic drinks are only available for passengers 18 years of age or older – Smart casual dress at all times – Separate smoking room available.


Aspire Lounge Schilpol airport


Aspire Lounge Seating


The lounge is quite spacious. It has various seating like lounges, sofas. There are also just seats that face outside. There are also booth seating like what you see above so you can use a talbe and maybe eat better. The lounge feels quite modern and seems like it has been renovated in the last year. There are also outlets in every seat which is important for travel and recharging your devices.


Aspire Lounge Schilpol Airport food




The food was quite good. We were there mainly because we haven’t had anything to eat and it was already 21:00. They don’t have anything heavy but plenty of snacks. I got myself some pesto pasta which was quite good, ham, olives and some mini cupcakes. They had plenty of drinks to choose from although coke zero run out. I like that they had 3 different places to get drinks on different sides of the lounge.




Not all airport lounges are created equal. I’ve been to some that it was better to just skip them but Aspire Lounge Schilpol Airport is one of the better ones. I like how spacious it was and it had plenty of seating. You are not next to anyone or at least it does not feel like it. I like how clean it was. Food can be improved but drinks are aplenty.


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