A&O Wien Hauptbahnhof hostel review


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Honestly, this accommodation was not our first choice. We were already booked at another hotel but one of my aunts decided to join the trip last minute. The other hotel can only accommodate center number of people so we had to cancel that one and this was the next affordable option. A&O Wien Hauptbahnhof has a really good location. It is a short walking distance from the Vienna Central station. The price was relatively affordable. To be fair, we had a clean room and decent bathroom for the price. I hope this A&O Wien Hauptbahnhof hostel review gives you some insight into how it was staying in the hostel.



We came in really late and the front desk was really busy. It seems like they were understaffed. The same people manning the front desk also operates the bar so it was a bit of a mess. We were given key cards per person and also we had to pay extra for beddings and towels. There was already one person in our room. The room has space for 6 people maximum. This is what the room looks like when it probably hasn’t been occupied for a while or when a photographer is coming to take pictures of the rooms. 😛


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This is the actual picture of our room. It was not as spacious as the picture above. It was okay though, it wasn’t too bad. As I said, the facilities are in really good condition. The bathroom was nice and clean. It had 2 rooms. One for the toilet and another for the shower area. The shower would flood a bit from time to time but maybe that’s just our hair. 😛 It goes down after a while.


Breakfast was not free or included but you could purchase it for 7 euros. We checked it out and they had the basics like bread, coffee and juice. They had some options like boiled egg and cold cuts but not much else.

They also have private rooms, not only dorm rooms. If you prefer that, it is an option. But for the price of their private rooms, I will look elsewhere.

I was surprised to see a lot of kids in this hostel when we were there. There were a lot of families. All in all, it’s a good priced no frills hostel. You get basic comfort and the crowd. It’s ok for a short stay.



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