Al Dhabi Lounge

Al Dhabi Lounge


Al Dhabi Lounge is one of the lounges available at Terminal 1 of the Abu Dhabi International Airport. It is located just after security check. This is probably one of the biggest and nicest airport lounges I’ve been to. It was honored in 2012 with the Highly Commended Award by the members of Priority Pass and it’s really obvious why. I really like the amenities that they have.





I actually went to Al Reem Lounge first but the kind lady at the front said that my card can also go to Al Dhabi Lounge but I can also check out their lounge to see which one I prefer. Al Reem seems a lot more crowded. So, I decided to go to Al Dhabi Lounge instead.




If you see the picture at the front. Most of the time no one is there on the lobby especially on odd hours. You just go straight and get the elevator to the next level. You can always take the stairs. Then, they just run your card, give you the wifi password and let you in. It’s so spacious and hardly anyone was there.




Access this lounge


If you are flying First or Business Class with any airline except for Etihad Airways or are eligible for lounge access in line with your airline’s frequent flyer programme (except for Etihad Airways), you will be issued an invitation to this lounge at the check-in counter. If not, you can access The Al Dhabi Lounge for as follows:

• 2 hours for AED 180 per person
• 5 hours for AED 320 per person
• 10 hours for AED 520 per person
Children aged 2 to11 can enjoy 30% discount.

You may also use the shower facilities with full amenities for AED 85 per person.

You are able to make online booking at Reservation is preferred or service is subject to availability.

If you are a Priority Pass or Airport Angel you will have complimentary access in line with your programme entitlements.

Any traveler with international departure boarding pass may access the lounge regardless of airline or service class.

If you are a Priority pass, Airport Angel, Diners Club International, American Express (issued in Middle East, Hong Kong , Singapore, Taiwan and Canada) and MasterCard guest (debit cards issued in Middle East and Africa. For any issues regarding charges and entitlements, please contact your card issuing company for details. Online reservations are recommended via and the service is subject to availability.






That bar thing has most of the drinks. You can get water, soda, tea and coffee.




Furthere inside are more seats. The food is served in two tables like this. I was there at an odd hour in the morning so they mostly had breakfast food.  They have plenty of option compared to other airport lounges I’ve been to.






I also took a shower. Haha. This was free and inclusive because of my credit card. (I’ll miss that card). They have 3 shower rooms if I remember it right. An attendant should always be there but they probably roam around when it’s not busy. Anyway, you just inform them that you want to shower. They make you sign in a log book – or not. The shower rooms are locked so they would open one for you. There are signs where it says occupied. Anyway, their shower rooms are huge! and really nice. I’ve been on one of the shower room at the Dubai airport in one of their lounges. I had to pay extra for that. This is hands down much nicer and I didn’t have to pay for it.




Towel is provided. Although, I would highly recommend that you bring your own toiletries. Theirs was nice but a little musky, like a guy’s perfume. They also had some amenities like toothbrush, razor and comb I think. There’s also a blow dryer for your hair but it’s not that strong so it took forever to dry my hair.




After a nice shower at Al Dhabi Lounge, it was time to sit back, lounge and eat again. 😛



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