Airport Bus from Susukino to Sapporo airport

Airport Bus from Susukino to Sapporo airport


Our option for travel to the airport was the airport bus since it was pretty close to where we are staying and we don’t have to carry our luggage around if we did it by metro. Taxi would have been really expensive. This post is about taking the Airport Bus from Susukino to Sapporo airport. From our hotel, we just walked about 3 blocks to get to the airport bus stop on the other side of the road so we checked out early to allow some time to get here and get to the airport on time. It was a bit confusing to look for this bus stop so I took some pictures so I can hopefully help anyone who’s also staying int he Susukino area of Sapporo to find it.

The cost of getting the bus (1000 yen) compared to the train (1110 yen) is cheaper and more convenient in my opinion since you have to transfer at the JR Sapporo station and drag your suit cases all over the place. The drive is about an hour.





The bus stop is directly in front of this sushi restaurant. The schedules are also listed here for your reference.




If you also see this big building with the signs, it’s directly in front of it.




And McDonald’s is just around the corner. ๐Ÿ™‚



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