Airbnb in Fukuoka

Airbnb in Fukuoka


We got our tickets only two weeks before our trip and it was on sale. We had to wait for our two friends if they get the visa before booking anything. We’re really glad they did. It was a scramble then to find decent accommodation. We’re just glad that it wasn’t high season. Hotels were really expensive at the time of booking. The cheapest I could find was 5,000 pesos for a double room per night. So, I turned to looking for Airbnb in Fukuoka. We had a really good experience from our Airbnb in Tokyo last year. This was equally a pleasant experience.





We wanted to stay near the areas of either Hakata Station or Tenjin. We found this Airbnb in Fukuokaย really close to Hakata Station. It was a bit more expensive than the others we found but it seemed like a really good location so we booked this one. This apartment was around PHP5,400 a night at the time of booking that can accommodate up to 4 people. Once we have booked it, we were given a detailed brochure from the host including directions, how to get inside the apartment and what’s around the area.

We had a mistake and went to another apartment, obviously there wasn’t a key so I tried to contact the host. She did respond later. I’m just glad we realized our mistake sooner and found the right apartment. ๐Ÿ™‚ This was the small hallway with washer and tiny kitchen and fridge, very typical of a small Japanese apartment. It’s so similar to what we had in Tokyo.






Our Airbnb in Fukuoka was really clean. Sorry for the blurred photo. ๐Ÿ˜› She asked for the garbage to be separated from plastic and paper which can be thrown in the bin next to the fridge.




Bathroom and toilet are separate which is nice. She had the basic shampoo, conditioner and liquid soap. I wish I brought my own. We were spoiled from really nice shampoo at our airbnb in Tokyo so I assumed the same but it wasn’t which is really no big deal.






I love Japanese toilets! If I build a home in the future, I am seriously considering getting one. I hope they’re not that expensive. ๐Ÿ˜€






This was our bedroom. Since there were 4 people in our group. We had to take the table on the side and put the sofa out and turn it into a bed. There were towels (although really short) for the four of us. There were some blankets and some kind of mattress in the cabinet.


Airbnb in Fukuoka


It also had a small balcony. You can actually see the tracks from across it.


Airbnb in Fukuoka


PROS: The building we were on seemed new and it was maintained well. We were so glad it had an elevator. We never met our host. The pocket wifi was really useful and we loved that we can take everywhere and be connected. It comes free with the rental. We love the area of Hakata station. It was really convenient. It might have been nice to be around Tenjin too but we were happy with being near Hakata station. There are cinemas, shopping complex, lots of restaurant and the Yodabashi shopping center. We wanted to explore the area more and eat at the restaurants but we had limited time. There’s also a Lawson convenient store near the apartment which is nice. If you’re coming from the station, you’ll pass by a seven eleven anyway.

CONS: We wish it had a weighing scale. Haha. That’s about it.

We really have no complaints at our stay at our Airbnb in Fukuoka. Just don’t expect too much. It is an apartment for rent for a really good price. The free pocket wifi makes it really worth it. You don’t get that if you’re staying at a hotel. It’s just so convenient specially when you’re on foot and looking for places or looking for your travel companions. Haha. I was scared to try airbnb too since I’ve read a bunch of stories in the internet. Some safety tips would be: travel in a group. I don’t think I’ll airbnb when I’m traveling alone. We always opt for a place for ourselves. I don’t like sharing a bathroom with strangers. We always try to look at the location if it seems safe enough and not sketchy.


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