Air Asia Mandalay Free Shuttle Bus

Air Asia Mandalay Free Shuttle Bus


Air Asia Mandalay free shuttle bus is a free transport service to and from the airport. There is only one bus schedule a day and this coincides with the schedule of the flight. This is a really good service as the airport is quite far from the city so taxi fares are a bit expensive especially if you have no one to split it with. The only disadvantage I’ve observed is taking it from the city to the airport, it arrives really early for your flight. They don’t really open the gates until an hour before your flight so you have no option but to loiter around the airport with no internet connection and hardly any seats.



This is the current schedule of the shuttle bus:


Mandalay Airport ► City (Road 79 by the Palace, between Road 26 and  27) 13:00
City (Road 79 by the Palace, between Road 26 and  27) ► Mandalay Airport 09:15


Free shuttle bus service is only valid for dates stated on boarding pass/travel itinerary to/from Bangkok/Mandalay.Conditions are as follows:

  • Only guests with a valid boarding pass/travel itinerary and passport may use this shuttle bus service.
  • Shuttle buses retain the right to provide service at specified times only and to alter or cancel services without prior notice.
  • This shuttle bus service is provided by a third party, and AirAsia is not liable for any mishaps that may occur during use of shuttle bus service.

From the hotel, I walked to where the bus was parked on a street across the Royal Palace complex. It took a good 15 minutes. It could have been faster if not for that creepy guy on a motorcycle trying to talk to me. I don’t even understand him. He went and then even came back. It was not really threatening as I was on a main road with people in view and day light. It was very annoying. I was just trying to go on my way and there was that guy. I didn’t want to miss my bus. Anyway, I think I was one of the last two people who boarded the bus at around 845 am and of course I get the seat at the back. Before the bus left, the guy checked everyone’s boarding pass and checked it against his list.


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4 thoughts on “Air Asia Mandalay Free Shuttle Bus”

  • Bus service has been canceled i tried to take ot this morning and it was canceled end of january, they only do service from the airport to the city center but not the other way around. Got an email from airasia myanmar to confirm too. People around town still don’t know that the bus doesn’t run so they’ll tell you it will. Around the corner from the “station” there’s an airasia office go ask if you have doubts. This is the email they sent.

    Hi Fernanda, Thanks for flying with us. Sadly, we have terminated our complimentary shuttle bus service. So, we suggest you to take other forms of transportation as now transportation in Mandalay is much easier than before. Apologies for any inconvenience caused and wish you a happy trip.

    • Hi Nwe, thanks for your comment. Yes, you’re right. Fernanda also said that the free shuttle bus service has been cancelled since January and she said it was confirmed by an email from AirAsia Myanmar. I emailed AirAsia to ask about it but they haven’t replied.

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