A Myanmar rest stop for buses and vans

A Myanmar rest stop for buses and vans


This Myanmar rest stop we were at was not very big. There were maybe 2 buses at most but a lot of them were local looking taxis and vans. It seems like a local stop too, not too many foreigners. It had a huge restaurant and some stalls outside selling mangoes and snacks.



Bus and Rest stops in Myanmar


We went around the back to look for the restroom and I guess we are the usual person so it looks like it is the right one. The signs are definitely funny.



I’m not even sure I know what pittance is. I have to google that. 😛





This was the restaurant. We did not eat. We bought some drinks but we did not eat. It just didn’t look very hygienic. I did not want to risk a stomach ache on the road. I didn’t see any foreigners eating either, it was all locals.

We asked for a bus ride from our hotel receptionist and she said yes and arranged it. We did not know that it was going to be a van and with all locals. That means they will open the windows in the sweltering heat, not caring about the AC of the van. It was so uncomfortable. Imagine being in an old van where the air conditioning is on and working but people decided to open the windows instead in 32-35 degrees in the afternoon. We were sweating a lot. We had moments where we wanted to jump out of the van because it was so hot. With a van full of foreigners, this would not happen or if foreigners outnumbered the locals in the van but it was just the two of us against everyone. It was very hot.

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