Fish Agogo

Fish Agogo

Fish Agogo Antwerp is a restaurant that serves seafood and it’s located on Handschoenmarkt 1 near the Cathedral. The rating on Tripadvisor is really high and for good reasons. It’s easily on the top 10. We wanted to go here for lunch once but it was closed so we ended up having lunch at Bia Mara.



Fish Agogo Antwerp
The place is tiny. It had a few seating outside. Inside, there’s a table by the wall on the left with bar seats. There is also a table at the back that can maybe seat 4 people. We opted to just go upstairs and eat there with a table by the window. There was a cozier atmosphere upstairs and it had a nautical theme. We were the only one there at the time but not long after, people started to come up too.

Fish Agogo Antwerp



Fish Agogo Antwerp
We were not really that hungry so we wanted something light. They gave us an Ipad with the menu downstairs. We wanted some squid but it was not available so we chose the Fish and the Shrimp. I didn’t know that they gave complimentary bread but that was nice. We also ordered two drinks along with it. After we ordered downstairs, we paid for our meal. It was around 20 euros. Then we went upstairs. Shortly after, our meal was served.

Fish Agogo Antwerp

The fish was a generous serving. It came with their homemade tartar sauce.

Fish Agogo Antwerp

The shrimp were delicious. We had 3 pieces of them cut in half.

We were really happy with this meal. It was not too much. The portions were a good size. We enjoyed eating every part of the meal. I don’t think there was any left over. Haha. So if you ever visit Antwerp, give this place a try.




Address:  Handschoenmarkt 1, Antwerpen
 Telephone: 0495 24 27 36

HOURS: Monday, Thursday, Friday - 12:00/21:30, Tuesday to Wednesday - closed, Saturday to Sunday - 12:00/22:00

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