One week Sydney Itinerary

One week Sydney Itinerary

This is probably one of our least expensive trips (unexpectedly) mostly because of generous family and friends who fed us the whole time. Haha. Sydney can be an expensive city don’t get me wrong. I think we only spent money on our plane ticket, visa, train tickets and chocolates we brought home. We hardly spent anything on food since most of our friends would take us out to eat. We went in winter which was around June, this is not ideal. The best time to come would be in warmer months like December.


One week Sydney Itinerary


This was our one week Sydney itinerary:

Day 1: Flying from Manila to Sydney via Cebu Pacific, Manly Beach, Woolworth’s Grocery

We bought our tickets on a seat sale in April and we flew in June. We got our round trip tickets at 13,110 pesos each. That is roughly around $280 which is a pretty good deal. I thought that was enough time to apply for our Australian tourist visa which according to their website takes a month to process. After our friend picked us up at the airport, we went to a Japanese restaurant for lunch, then we went to Manly beach and we dropped by at Woolworth’s to get some groceries on our way home.



Day 2: Sydney Sights Free Walking Tour, Shopping at Market City near Chinatown

I love free walking tours. I always take one whenever there’s one in the place I am going to. I think it gives you a good grasp of the sights and you can always pick and choose which ones you would like to go back to. After our tour, we decided to check out Market City for some bargain haunts and also China town for cheaper souvenirs. 🙂



Day 3: Ryan’s Bar at Australia Square, O Bar – revolving restaurant, Dinner at Establishment

This was a lazy day for us. We did not go out until 4pm. Haha. We met a friend and we met up at Ryan’s. Then he took us to O Bar which is just incredible. So much worth it for the views. It is a revolving restaurant so you get 360 degrees view of the city. It was really amazing. Then we had some good Australian beef at the Establishment.



Day 4: Featherdale Wildlife Park, Pancakes on the Rocks, Star Buffet

This is the most fun I’ve had in the zoo in my adult life. Haha. It’s not every day that you get to see koalas and kangaroos. Fetatherdale Wildlife Park is not a big zoo so it was not crowded at all. We took our time visiting each area. After Featherdale Wildlife Park, we had some food at Pancakes on the Rocks. After that, we even went to a buffet at a casino.



Day 5: Three Sisters at Blue Mountains, T2 Tea Store, Arisun Korean Barbecue

We went to Blue Mountains and this can take a good part of your day. It is accessible by train, then a bus. It takes roughly around 2 hours. If you go by car, it’s only an hour. Most people go to Echo Point to view the Three Sisters but there are also other activities like theme parks around the area. After that, we went to Paramata Mall, then ate dinner at a Koran Barbecue. 🙂



Day 6: Sydney Olympic Park, Cabramatta Commercial Center, visit aunts, Bau Turong Vietnamese Restaurant

For this day, we met with an aunt and had lunch at a recreation center, then we went to the Sydney Olympic Park. We also visited the Asian hood that is Cabramatta, we walked around the wet market with so much seafood and fresh vegetables. We also had some halo halo. Then in the late afternoon, we went to Fairfield to meet my highschool classmate who took us to a very nice Vietnamese restaurant for dinner.



Day 7: Paramatta Phoenix Chinese Restaurant, Warragamba Dam

Our day started with dimsum bruch at Phoenix Chinese restaurant at Paramatta Mall – yes, we’re always there. Haha. Then, our aunt took us to Warragamba Dam which was at least an hour drive from Sydney. Then it was Korean Barbecue with cousins and uncles for dinner. 🙂


Day 8: Fly out of the country
Me and my cousin concluded that if we ever lived in Sydney, we would definitely gain a lot of weight from all the wonderful food. We really loved our short stay and hopefully we can visit again. 🙂


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  • have never been to sydney, not really on my must-see list, but looking at the fotos and how it is way cheaper via cebu paf…well, i’m definitely considering it. ^0^

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