Ostello Bello Bagan

Ostello Bello Bagan

Ostello Bello Bagan is a hostel located in New Bagan and I did not like it. It seemed really good when I was booking and it had really good reviews so I decided to go ahead with it. It is very popular with backpackers so that is the crowd of the hostel, mostly young groups in their 20s backpacking through Southeast Asia. I think for a dorm room stay, it would be great value. I booked a private room and I wish I had booked elsewhere.

One of the major issues for me is location. Looking back, I should have stayed in Old Bagan since that is where the temples are mostly. I would not mind Nyaung U either since that is the main town where most restaurants are. The location of New Bagan is the furthest of the three so if you rented one of the e-bikes to go around, it would have to be something to consider.




My room was very sparse. The only good thing about it were two things: the comfy bed and really strong AC. The rest is not as nice.




We had free breakfast. Even if you’re staying in the dorms, you would still get the same breakfast so it’s really good value for them. It was okay.




This was the hangout/dining area outside the hostel.




Across the street from the hotel were 3 restaurants. New Bagan’s area is mostly residential with few hostels scattered around. If you want to buy water or drinks, I would recommend a small local store nearby which is way cheaper than what the hostel sells or the restaurants. One night, I tried to just get dinner at the hostel. I ordered some chicken with fries. The lady told me that it will take about 15 minutes and I was itching to get a shower. I asked if I can just come back and get it. They told me they will bring it to my room. So, I go to my room and shower. I took a quick one since they might knock at anytime. It’s been past 30 minutes and there was no one. It’s not like there were phones in the room to ask them about it. I had to go down and ask. Then one of the managers told me they don’t do room service. I told them that the person I ordered from┬átold me they would get it to my room. It’s no big deal. I would have gladly come down to get my food had I known that I have to. They just made it seem like I wanted room service. So, that was not cool. Service is not exactly their strong suit or good communication.

I did not like my stay here. The whole time, I could not wait until I checked out and moved on. I don’t recommend this hostel.

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