Fashion Arena Outlet Mall

82I was looking for Petrin Hill and so I went back to the metro station to get a different tram. So, I went back. I saw 2 Filipinas shopping at a store and I asked them where I could find Petrin Hill. They gave me directions. They also asked me if I like shopping and that there was an outlet mall just outside the city and since I have a transportation pass, I can go there if I had extra time. So I wrote down the directions.

I tried looking for Petrin Hill and couldn’t find it so I gave up and decided to check out the Outlet Mall instead. I took the metro to the last stop and there were special buses there that go to the fashion Outlet Mall only and I think it leaves every 30 minutes.

81It’s a vast space with plenty of stores and also a food hall just in case you get hungry. Honestly, I didn’t buy much here but I wish I had. I was really worried about my luggage weight so I didn’t get a lot of things. It may also be a good thing. Haha.


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