My 28th..

I chose to stay home.. I made baked spaghetti and baked mussels. I bought my favorite cake yesterday. I cooked leche flan the night before. I prepared siomai and egg rolls too that night but didn’t get to cook them. I was too tired.

Cooking is very labor intensive specially if you do everything from scratch. I made this (not the actual picture – got the pic from the recipe I followed on this amazing blog).

It came out really good. I had to double the portions since I had a kilo of Mussells. Click here for the recipe..

After I was done cooking, I took a shower and fell a sleep on the couch. I was too tired. I have a party to go to tomorrow with friends celebrating my birthday and this other friend’s birthday. I was gonna cook but decided that I should just order food. I don’t want to be tired at the party.

It was a good birthday. Although my AC stopped working since last night, I feel really blessed to have the important things. I have a supportive family , very good friends and opportunities for growth. I’m really blessed.

I received a lot of birthday wishes from Facebook, Text Messages and Calls. My brother got me a Bath and Body perfume spray after pestering him how he never got me a present – ever! My really good friend Tinker-bell bought me a gift – a blouse. She just told me about it since she’s miles away but it’s always the thought that counts. She and our other Soul Sister Charistine helped me respond to birthday greetings. It was funny. Next week, I’m going on a trip I’ve been dreaming of since I was young. I am truly truly grateful.

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