China Visa Application

So, me and my cousin just submitted our application for a china visa to an agency that is helping us with the process.

I got the info for the requirements here. And it varies. It depends if you are employed or you’re self-employed. As for me, I submitted the following: my passport, 1 passport size picture (1 extra picture for safekeeping, I had extra copies anyways), duly filled application form, copies of previous passport and travel visas I had, ticket voucher and hotel reservation, original NBI clearance for travel, bank statements, TIN ID, copy of my Income Tax Return, and a copy of the back of my current passport. I know it sounds like a lot but you just get one thing at a time so it doesn’t overwhelm you. That’s what I did. :’)

The process takes four days.  I hope this weekend I will be able to see this on my passport:

So I won’t have to worry about it. Our trip is next month! I’m too excited. I just told my friend that people of Chinese descent should have the opportunity to visit the motherland once in their lives.

It costs P1400.00 for a single entry visa. Then I paid the agency P1000.00 for the assistance. I figured travelling to Manila to do it myself will cost me more. I’m just kind of wary about my cousin who will be my traveling companion. She needs a personal appearance while I don’t. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with age (she just turned 21) or that she has less credentials. I hope she gets one too. I don’t want to travel alone!

Wish me luck! :’)

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